Kairali- The Ayurvedic Healing Village: Review/ Staycation

Hey everyone!

Last month, I went down to Kairali- The Ayurvedic Healing Village in Palakkad, Kerala for a staycation. Away from the hustle and bustle of our city lives, this ‘healing village’ is a must-visit if you are craving some peaceful time, need to connect with nature and also get treated for any physical conditions/ stress you may be suffering from. Read on for the deets!

kairali ayurvedic village

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Best Hair Care Hacks From Your Kitchen

Hair care hacks from your kitchen!

Hii Beauties,

In the era of today’s pollution and dirt, hair care takes a toll on us. That is the reason most of the times you will see that our hair is tied in a bun. That long swept open hair is a dream. And that is the reason why expensive hair creams and hair care products are in demand in the market these days. But do you know that all of them are loaded with chemicals and preservatives???

hair care hacks

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Men’s summer fashion trends with John Players

Men’s summer fashion trends with John Players

Men’s summer fashion is just as interesting as that of women! Us women love getting dressed up every day, and clicking #ootd pictures is a regular part of our daily lives. But in terms of style and fashion, even the men are not far behind.

John Players, with their new Spring Summer 2017 collection showcasing noisy colorful patterns, indigo stories and summer pastel hues is sure to take the men’s wardrobe by storm this season. You can pick floral patterns, madras checks and embroidered butta motif shirts and t-shirts that are available in eye catching shades of neon and soothing shades of indigos. Read on for the details and 3 looks we put together for men!

men's summer fashion trends 2017 john players

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Makeup Revolution Focus and Fix Concealer: Review, swatch

Hello Beauties,

I strongly believe in good skincare for a perfect makeup look. But there are some makeup products which you seriously can’t leave. Well, I am not talking about Concealer here girls. It’s foundation, lipsticks, highlighters etc. But once when I entered this makeup arena I saw the blogging world and even makeup stores going gaga over Concealer. Firstly I didn’t know the concept of Concealer. And slowly when I got that I always kept telling myself know my skin is fine, I don’t have any dark circles or dark patches on my skin so Concealer is not for me. But gradually I got the fact that Concealer can help you hide your facial imperfections and just make your skin even and polished. So, the journey of my first Concealer began with the Makeup Revolution Focus and Fix Concealer.

makeup revolution focus and fix concealer review swatch

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Jouer Long Wear Lip Creme- Fraise Bonbon: Review, swatch

JOUER Cosmetics may not be new to you but I recently came across the brand when everyone was raving about their highlighters and lip crème. I decided to give it a try and picked these 2 items from CULT BEAUTY and really glad I took a plunge as am completely in love with both the products. I’m sharing their lip crème today which is from their permanent line and is easily available on their authorised retailers and their own website.

jouer long wear lip creme fraise bonbon review swatch

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5 wedding anniversary gift ideas for the new age couple!

5 wedding anniversary gift ideas for the new age couple

Getting an invitation to a wedding anniversary party can be quite a roller coaster- on one hand, you are excited about being a part of a couple’s celebrations and their special day, and on the other hand, you are tense about what to take as a gift for the couple. Especially young couples. You can just not settle for the same old gifts that the generation before us was happy to receive. It is then that you start scouting online for new ideas. Fret not. We’ve got you covered with 5 wedding anniversary gift ideas for the new age couple.

wedding anniversary gifts

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BeYu Strobe & Define palette: Review

BeYu Strobe & Define palette

Hey everyone!

The makeup world was taken by storm by the whole Kim-K contouring trend some time back. And while we have moved on from that time and the beauty experts prefer a much subtle contouring now, we have to agree that contouring has and always will be an integral part of makeup routines. BeYu, a German color makeup brand has recently been launched in India. I got hold of their Strobe & Define palette which I’m going to review today.

beyu strobe and define palette

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