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Thanks for your interest in this blog.

If you are a reader, you may wish to contact me for a query (make-up, skincare, haircare)/ suggestion/ feedback.

If you are a PR personnel/ brand representative, you may wish to contact me for:

  • PR related enquiries and invites for events (Beauty, Fashion, Food event invitations)product reviews ( makeup and skin/ haircare products, website reviews, vendor reviews (like salons and spas and their services), etc.
  • For brand campaigns.
  • Affiliations with brands
  • to host giveaways/ contests through the Blog.
  • to advertise on the Blog side-bar (only flat-rate advertisements, please. Commission/ pay-per-sale based advertisement do not work in my favor).
  • GUEST POSTS are strictly a paid feature.
  • or any other ideas that you may have

Please do not contact me for:

  • FREE publicity. We do not WORK for FREE, or on BARTERS.
  • Posting press releases. I used to do that long back. Now I don’t. None at all.
  • Link-exchange if you are a new e-commerce site
  • ‘Improving SEO/ link building site’ etc. kinda companies, please refrain from contacting me.

Please note:

  • All payments, depending on the collaboration, need to be done 100% in advance. Please do NOT contact if this is not acceptable to you. Let’s save time on both sides!
  • Posts for paid collaborations are NOT published until full payment has been received, under any circumstances whatsoever.
  • Only bank-transfer of payment into my bank account is accepted. In case of PayPal transfer, please add extra 10% to the payment. No vouchers/ discount codes please!
  • Any sponsored posts are mentioned about at the end of the post (disclaimer). Non-negotiable.

For Fashion, Food, Lifestyle events and projects, please check out my blog- Heels & Coffee Beans.

I am currently based in New Delhi, India.

For further discussion and for latest media kit, please send in a mail to:

Ritu Rajput


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Fashion, lifestyle, travel and food blog- Heels & Coffee Beans
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  1. hi friends,

    I have combination skin and my skin turns dark and very dull easily when i step out… i have medium complexion. please suggest me a good skin care routine and products for summers….

  2. Hi Ritu ,
    I just landed on your page and I’m finding it awesome and different then lot others. Just wante dto say Hi and that you have earned a new follower 🙂

  3. Hi Ritu

    I stay in Bangalore and looking Kryolon Dermacolor camouflage..I have tried to search and get it from many shops..though it is available in few, I do not know the exact shade. could you please let me know where the shade is tested here in Bangalore if you can help me..Thanks in advance.


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