My Pre Bridal skin treatments at Lumiere Dermatology by Dr. Kiran Lohia: Review

Hey everyone!

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. But apart from following a good home-care regime from a few months before the wedding, exercising and having a balanced diet, it is important to take help from the experts too in our times because of the kind of pollution and stress levels our skin is exposed to these days. After my last session with Dr. Kiran Lohia at Lumiere Dermatology, I could only place my trust in her to prepare my skin for my wedding. In fact, me and Dr. Lohia had started working on my skin for the big day right from the first time I met her- I had just had my wedding date fixed, and she was one of the first persons to know about my wedding! From then on, she put me under a strict ‘sunscreen’ regime and also advised me on the right kind of skin care at home for the weeks to come.

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With Dr. Kiran Lohia at Lumiere Dermatology
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