Sigma new products+ giveaway video

Hey girls!

I recently received some new makeup and brushes from Sigma in my mail. Watch my video below to see what all I got. There’s also a giveaway in the video, so don’t miss it!

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Sigmagic Brushampoo Review & Demo: Video

Sigmagic Brushampoo Review & Demo

Washing your makeup brushes regularly is important- something we all know. But do we like doing this chore? Absolutely not! At least I don’t enjoy the drill, but I still try to wash my makeup brushes every week just to keep them clean and my skin free of any infections from dirty brushes. I recently came across the new Sigma Beauty- Sigmagic Brushampoo (brush shampoo). After having used the MAC brush cleanser for a lot of years, I finally stumbled upon something new and interesting, and here’s what I think of it:

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Sigma Performance Eyes kit review+ Sigma Pink!

Hi girls!

Makeup brushes are to makeup what ketchup is to fries! The two are inseparable. You may buy the best of makeup products, but if you do not invest in the right tools, your makeup look may go for a toss! Most of my makeup brushes are from Sigma, and recently I was sent the Sigma Performance Eyes kit by the brand, and I couldn’t be happier! Read on for the complete review! PS- We also have a lip crayon review at the end of the post!

Sigma Performance Eyes kit

sigma performance eyes kit review

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Unusual shapes of makeup brushes and applicators

With every new makeup technique a bunch of new makeup applicators are introduced to help make that application easy. It is the combination of a good product and a great applicator that gives fabulous results. But some of the shapes are so intimidating that one cannot be too sure about how to use it. We’ve jotted down a few such brushes and other applicators that have unusual shapes but give great results.

NARS Kabuki Ita BrushNARS Ita KabukiThis brush has black goat hair, flat angular design which make it ideal for contouring, sculpting, defining and blending powder. Soft bristles glide onto the skin to give a nice chiseled look.

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I hit pan!!!

Hey everyone!

The most joyous moment for a makeup addict/ hoarder is to hit pan on any product.

Being a beauty blogger means being surrounded by new products all the time, and a lot of times, when I am half-way down with the products, I give them away to my friends/ family, or they rob my stash whenever they come home (like my cousin took away all my nail paints on Rakshabandhan this year! 🙁 ), and that’s how my products get over- well, atleast for me! Whatever’s left goes into blog sales.

And then there are products that I use and re-use and abuseeeeee! This morning, I hit pan on my second MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation! Couldn’t resist sharing with you guys! mac studio fix powder plus foundation

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My Sigma brush collection and top-5 picks

Hey everyone!

Some time back, I shared with you all my complete brush collection and the brushes that I have for different parts of the face like eyes, lips, etc. I thought I’d share a post exclusively for the brushes form Sigma, since these are close to my heart, more than the others. Okay, they are of amazing quality too! <3

sigma brushes

I have a total of 13 brushes from the brand as of now.

My top-5 picks from Sigma

1. F-80 Flat Top Kabuki: The only brush you practically need, if you have this one! It is that good! Gives an airbrushed look, doesn’t shed, doesn’t drink up the foundation, and works well with almost all foundation formulas- liquid, cream, mousse and even powder.

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Sigma E17 Waterline Liner brush: Review

Hey everyone!

Some time back, I posted a pic on the Facebook page with a few of my brushes together and a few of you wanted to see my brush collection in one place. Will do that post this week, but before that, lemme finish off with reviewing the brushes that I haven’t spoken about here till now. So we’re dedicating this week to make-up brushes 😀

Today I’m reviewing the Sigma E17 Waterline Liner Brush for you all! Read on to know my take on this one!

sigma e17 waterline brush

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