Best Tan Removal face Wash in India

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Face washes are very important for your daily skin care routine. And what if your face wash is targeted to reduce your tanning? Nothing better than that right???

So, here is a quick round up of the best tan removal face washes available in India –

VLCC Anti Tan Skin Lightening Face Wash
VLCC Anti Tan Skin Lightening Face Wash
  1. VLCC Anti Tan Skin Lightening Face Wash
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Best home remedies for forehead acne

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If I ask you that what is the common spot of pimple or acne then 6-7 girls out of 10 will respond to forehead. Yes, I also remember I got my first painful pimple on my forehead only. And suddenly it multiplied from 1-4.  And then it became a regular affair.

home remedies for forehead acne

I didn’t know what to do then but today we are a lot more informed and thus I would like to share with you treatments and remedies for forehead acne –

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Ways to include cucumber in your skincare regime

Cucumber is one of those wonderful summer fruits which you cannot miss for your body and skin. Cucumber is known to be loaded with water and we all know water is very much required to keep your skin glowing and healthy. So, why not make the most out of it? But I am sure most of us use cucumber only as a dark circle remover. We all cut a slice of cucumber and place it on our eyes and rest for a while. But no, that’s not all about cucumber. You can use them in other ways too.

cucumber in skin care

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Monsoon Makeup- Best tips to avoid makeup meltdown

Monsoon Makeup- Best tips to avoid makeup meltdown

Monsoons have already knocked on our doors and before stepping out, you need some preparations to monsoon-proof your makeup to avoid makeup mishaps. Monsoon is normally accompanied by humidity and thus your makeup needs special attention.

So, let’s have a look at some tips and tricks given below for monsoon makeup!

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Sunscreen- A must for Indians round the year!

Sunscreen is that one product which is the most important one towards our skincare, but also the most neglected one. As much as it is important for everyone, for us Indians, it becomes all the more important because of the following reasons:

  1. Climate: Most parts of our country (barring high up north and some parts of north east) have a tropical climate for a major part of the year. This makes applying sunscreen super important for all of us. And, the parts that do not face that tropical climate and are relatively colder for the major part of the year too necessitate sunscreen application because you don’t always see the sun through the clouds and the fog, but the sun’s harsh rays can penetrate the clouds and still damage the skin.

Read the full post on Vanity Cask blog- Vanity Buzz.

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Essential Oils in beauty

You must have been greeted by the mesmerizing fragrance of lemongrass at a hotel or a mall. The strong and refreshing scent is definitely unwinding but have you ever wondered why you only find lemongrass and not any other essential oils there? Because Lemongrass wards off insects and gives dual benefit to the facilities by providing a refreshing fragrance.

Every essential oil has its own benefit. You’ll be surprised to know how versatile essential oils are. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most widely used essential oils in beauty!


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Weird Ingredients in Beauty products

As the health brigade is busy embracing all sort of unheard crops and fruits, the beauty bandwagon isn’t far behind. As normal doesn’t suffice, the beauty industry is introducing all kinds of ingredients that are said to work wonders. The world is going bonkers over the results of these products and procedures. Let’s see what’s trending in the weird-but-effective-department. *shrudders*

Mink Oil


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Detox water for clear, glowing skin: DIY

And just like that another wave of healthy somethings hit us. Oats, quinoa, flax seeds, etc.

Lately the world is shifting its focus to the basic healthy food. A lot of this stuff was already around us that we chose to ignore and the rest of it comes from a foreign country, in a tiny packet, sold only in the air conditioned stores of a mall. But detox water begs to differ. A simple way to convert water into detox water with almost everything available at home is making me love it even more.  And the best part is that this is one of the easiest steps you can take towards clear, glowing skin!


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