Sunday home spa regime

Hey everyone!

I am coming back here with a sunday pampering post after long. That whole series of posts got left behind, and don’t ask me why! Below is the sunday home spa regime I tried today, and I am doing this post to show you guys that you don’t always need those special ‘home facial kits’ or go to the salon every fortnight for a facial. Plus the weather right now is such that we get lazy and don’t feel like stepping out. How about a facial and body spa at home, with your everyday products? Read on!

sunday home spa regime

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Sunday Pamperings: What saved my hair!? Current hair care routine

best hair care products

Hey everyone!

This Sunday, lemme share with you all my hair story and current hair care routine.. Till a few months back, I had been suffering from some major hair problems like roughness, dullness, dandruff and hairfall! The real problem was hair damage, since I remember I used to blow-dry my hair every alternate day during the winters of 2012-13. So, in short, my hair was a mess by January 2013. The products I had been using at that time weren’t working for my hair.

But of late, the condition of my hair has considerable improved… I’m going to share with you all that I did and what products I used to bring my hair back to it’s former glory..

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Sunday Pamperings: Best skin saviour! Ever! Steam facial!

facial steam

Heyyy everyone!

I know, a ‘Sunday Pamperings’ post after a bit of a gap.. Mainly because I was running out of ideas on DIY, and then, I also need to test things on myself before penning them down here for you guys!

So, today I’m gonna share with you all a tip, a trick, a method, call it whatever, but this is something that I’ve found to be a miracle for my skin!

And, the best part is, we all know about it since forever, but somehow ignore it (well, atleast I had been doing it all this time).

I’m talking about STEAM!

facial steam

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Sunday Pamperings: DIY Ubtan

Hey everyone!
Here’s sharing with you all a simple DIY, the traditional Ubtan recipe. A recipe known in India since time immemorial, it works effectively on skin blemishes, pigmentation, tanning, un-even skin tone. It gives a glow to the skin like no other skin product, and is one of the best anti-tan remedies.
home made ubtan

The only catch is that, like other home-made treatments, this one too takes some time to show results.
You need;
  • a pinch of turmeric (Haldi). Just be careful to not pick turmeric from the regular spice-rack at home. You should keep some turmeric separate at all times. You don’t want chilli-mixed turmeric on your face 😛
  • 1-2 tablespoons chick-pea flour (Besan
  • Curd (2-3 tablespoons)
  • A few drops of fresh lemon juice

diy ubtan

Steps: Mix all ingredients together to form a smooth paste.

diy ubtan step 1
1. Take turmeric in a bowl

diy ubtan step 2
2.  Measure chickpea flour

diy ubtan step 3
3. Add chickpea flour to turmeric and mix

diy ubtan step 4
4. Add curd to the above mix

diy ubtan step 5
5. Add lemon juice

diy ubtan steps

diy ubtan swatch
Ubtan- swatch

The application is easy. Just apply the paste/ ubtan to cleansed face (leaving out the eye and mouth area), and leave for 15 minutes. Wash off after 15 minutes.
Repeat twice a week for best results. Expect to see results in atleast 2 weeks.

It is advisable to prepare a fresh batch for each application.
Avoid too much of turmeric, or the skin may get stained.

Happy Sunday!

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Sunday Pamperings: 5 Summer coolers for skin!

Hey everyone!
This sunday, let’s check out some pointers on keeping the skin cool and calm, because the summers here are really bothering us all, I’m sure!

1. Drink lotsa water! As always, the most obvious pointer! 😛 It flushes out toxins from within, and gives you clear skin. Also, the hydration level of the skin can be maintained.

tips for summer skin care 

2. Use ice cubes to massage on the skin. You can use plain water ice cubes, or freeze some green tea/ rose water to make ice cubes, and use them instead of the regular ice cubes. These basically keep the skin cool, shrink the pores, reduce oil secretion on the face, and help make-up stay put for longer on the skin. Also, any inflammation/ upcoming acne can be controlled too!
– If you are not comfortable applying ice cubes to the face directly, soak a few cotton pads in cold water, squeeze and apply to the skin. Or, wrap an ice cube in a handkerchief and then use on the skin.

tips for summer skin care ice

3. Cold curd pack: We all tan! That’s the one thing which we always associate with summers, and in our part of the world, nobody likes to tan! When feeling lazy, just scoop out a spoonful of curd from the regrigerator, and apply to the skin. Leave it for about 10 minutes, and then wash off. This is the simplest and easiest recipe to remove tan, and it works! Works best as an after-sun-exposure remedy.

tips for summer skin care yoghurt

4. Aloe vera gel: Whatever be your skin type, aloe vera gel is one thing everyone can use. Plant aloe vera in your balcony/ terrace, and cut out a one-inch piece every morning. Split the leaf, scoop out the gel and apply to the face. It will keep the skin hydrated, bacteria-free, and nourished, minus the stickiness of other moisturisers. Also, it imparts a subtle glow to the skin.

tips for summer skin care aloe vera

5. Keep a cooling face freshener handy. You can either buy a rose-water bottle with a pump, to spray onto the face on the go! Or make your own facial spray. In a bottle, take clean water (preferably mineral water), add a few drops of lavender oil, peppermint oil. If you have problem skin, add 1-2 drops of tea-tree oil. Mix, and keep int he refrigerator. Your DIY face freshener is ready! Spray some on your face whenever your skin feels dull/ tired.

tips for summer skin care rose water

Apart from these, necessary precautions such as using a hat/ scarve to protect the skin from direct sun exposure, using sunscreen, etc. are also important!

What do you do to keep your skin cool in the summers? Do share your tips below!

Happy Sunday!

Images courtesy: 12345

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Sunday Pamperings: DIY Brown Sugar- Coffee scrub

Hey everyone!
Another Sunday, another Sunday Pamperings post from Ritu 😛

Well, first of all, let me tell you, I’m a huge fan of trying out home made recipes for my skin. And, I get bored with things at the drop of the hat. So, I need some variety and constant change (if that means something! constant-change!), and hence I keep trying different things constantly. All this chatter, for a question at the end of this post, but don’t skip to the end of the post just yet!

diy sugar and coffee scrub

Today I tried a simple yet effective, coffee and brown sugar scrub on myself (remember the kinda disaster the Nyassa Belgian Chocolate Sugar Scrub was? Read full post here. After using that scrub, I wanted a scrub with coffee in it. I’m more of a coffee person than a chocolate person). I saw some brown sugar lying in the kitchen cabinet yesterday, so I was itching to try out something with it. And I’m badly addicted to coffee, so mixing up both these things made perfect sense to me.

What you need:

diy sugar and coffee scrub (1)

  • 1/2 teaspoon brown sugar (the one I’m using is Demerera sugar from Dhampur, a brand easily available in India). Now, you could use the regular sugar, but if you have brown sugar, nothing like it! PS: You can sneak-out some sachets of brown sugar from CCD or Costa next time 😛 One sachet will last you once.
  • 1/2 teaspoon coffee. I used the regular Nescafe coffee!
  • Some rose water as a diluting and binding agent. I’m using the Dabur Gulabari Premium Rose Water (review HERE).
What does what?
  • Brown sugar: Exfoliates the skin. (Just pick up something with small granules. We don’t want a very coarse scrub, especially for the face). Removes dead skin cells from the surface. 
  • Coffee: Coarse coffee granules act as mild exfoliants, plus the added heavenly aroma therapy! Gosh, you wouldn’t want to miss this one for anything! helps tighten pores and remove oil from the skin. The caffeine in the coffee acts to reduce puffiness on the skin, and imparts shine to the skin
  • Rose water: Tones the skin, cools the skin, and tightens pores.
How to make the scrub?
  • I could write 4 points here, but in essence, you just have to mix all ingredients together. Just use approriate quantity of rose water, adjusting the consistency as per your requirement.
diy sugar and coffee scrub (2)
1. Take brown sugar
diy sugar and coffee scrub (3)
2. Add coffee
diy sugar and coffee scrub (4)
3. Mix!
diy sugar and coffee scrub (5)
4. Add rose water and mix
diy sugar and coffee scrub (6)
Final product
How to use?
Wash your face, and apply the scrub, massage the skin with it using soft circular motions of the fingers. 
Massage for 2-3 minutes, and you can leave the product on the skin for, say, 5 minutes. It will double up as a pack. 
PS: Because of the sugar, the scrub/ mask may feel a little stickey, but trust me, the results are going to be worth it!
PPS: The wash-basin may end up with brownish stains because of the coffee. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you, if your mom scolds you!
I hope you enjoy using this scrub as much as I did! And if you end up tasting the scrub, well! 😛 (the rose water I have used isn’t edible, so atleast I didn’t)
Happy Sunday!
Oh, the question: Are these sunday pampering posts getting boring and repetitive? Do leave your feedback below, or drop in a mail to ritu@theindianbeauty with your feedback, and suggestions. Thanks 🙂
If you love them, how about a shout out below? Thanks again! <3
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Sunday Pamperings: DIY Anti-acne face mask/ calming mask

Heyyy everyone!
Remember I recently gushed about a DIY face mask on Facebook HERE? This mask soothes the skin, and makes it soft and smooth…Well, here it is!

diy anti acne face mask

I was home the other day, and was thinking about doing an interesting yet easy mask which would target the following issues (these are the ones I am plagued with):

  • Oil control (summers, sigh!)
  • Acne-control (my skin is behaving these days, but is still ‘prone’ to break-outs, and prevention is better than cure, right?)
  • Dull skin (lol, we girls can forever complain about dull skin, we’re never too happy)
  • Hydration: hydrated skin = good skin, is what I’ve learnt in all these years!

So, the recipe is fairly simple. You need:

home made anti acne face mask
  • A ripe banana– take a 2 inch piece of banana… The one that I had was over-ripe, and hence was easy to mash
    • Effect: Bananas are known to be rich in vitamin A, B and E, are potent anti-ageing agents, and leave the skin feeling firm and soft!
  • Honey: 1 teaspoon. I’m using organic honey here, but you can use the regular honey too, though I’d advise that you seriously invest in a bottle of organic honey. It is better than the regular honey, both for consumption and application.
    • Effect: Honey is good at hydrating and nourishing the skin, helps in removing blemishes and spots, it has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, and fights signs of ageing too! Also known to impart a natural glow to dull skin.
  • Tea-tree essential oil: 2-3 drops. The one that I’m using is The Body Shop Tea-tree oil (reviewed HERE). You also get tea-tree oil from Aroma Magic, Soulflower, etc.
    • Effect: Tea-tree is a potent anti-acne agent because of it’s anti-bacterial properties. It also works well for oily skin, keeping it clear of infections.
Method: All you gotta do is:
  1. take the ripe banana piece in a bowl, whip it up to a smooth consistency using a fork
  2. add honey
  3. add tea-tree oil
  4. mix
home made face pack for acne

And your mask is ready!

Application: Apply the mask to cleansed face, and let it rest on your face for about 10 minutes.
After 10 minutes, massage it into the skin using circular motions of the fingers for about 1-2 minutes. Leave it for another 2 minutes. Then, was off with plain water.
I promise you, this mask is a sure-shot way of getting baby-soft skin.
If you have extremely dry skin, skip the tea-tree.
Caution: Because of the tea-tree oil, you may experience some tingling on the skin for a minute or two after application. You may perform a patch test behind the ear before applying this mask, if you have sensitive skin.

You can use this mask 1-2 times a week.

PS: Any left-over mask can be applied to the hands and feet. No harm in getting soft skin on the hands and feet too, right? Just saying!!!

Hope you liked the post!
Have a great Sunday!

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Sunday Pamperings: DIY Anti-tan remedy

Hey everyone!
Summers are almost here, and it’s time to take out the sleeveless tops and spaghettis, the one thing which everyone has on the back of the mind is- tanning. Everyone has some amount of tan left on the skin from last summer, and which we forget during the winters because of the layered clothes.
Today I’m sharing with you all an easy and effective DIY (do-it-yourself) anti-tanning remedy, which takes just a few minutes to prepare.
diy anti tanning pack

You will need:
diy anti tanning remedy
  • Ingredients:
    • 1 medium sized cucumber
    • 1 small potato
    • 1 small tomato
    • 1 lemon (we will use the juice of half a lemon)
  • Tools: A bowl, a strainer, a grater
All the ingredients that we are using in this preparation are known to have skin bleaching properties. When used consistently, this preparation will help in removing the tan and resulting in an even-toned, blemish-free skin, without any side-effects of chemicals. 
diy anti tanning remedies
Preparation method: 
  • Grate all the ingredients using a grater, and collect in a bowl. You could also put them in a mixer-grinder and prepare a smooth puree.
diy anti tanning pack (1)
  • Take the grated products over a strainer, and strain out all the liquid by squeezing the grated stuff between the palms of your hand. You could also put the grated veggies in a muslin cloth and squeeze out the juice.
diy anti tanning pack (2)
  • Collect the strained juice in a bowl, and add juice of half a lemon.
  • Mix well.
at home anti tanning pack
Application method:
  • You can directly apply the above preparation using your hand, or dip a cotton ball in the liquid and apply to the skin.
  • The pack will dry on the skin within 1-2 minutes after application.
  • You can keep re-applying the liquid on the skin after every 5 minutes.
  • Keep it on the skin for a total of 15-20 minutes
  • Wash off with plain water, and apply a moisturiser on the skin
  • Experiencing mild tingling sensation on the area of application should be normal, because of the lemon content in the preparation.
  • If you want to use the same preparation on the face, mix 1-2 tbsp. of rose water with the same before application.
Using this pack/ preparation atleast 3-4 times a week over atleast a month will show good results. It is advised that a fresh batch be prepared before each application.
Hope you all liked the post.
Happy Sunday!
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Sunday Pamperings: Holi skin-care

Hey everyone!

With the festival of colors 2 days away, let’s quickly have a look at the skin-related Do’s and Don’ts for Holi. We want to keep our skin safe, even while we enjoy the splash of colors on ourselves. So, read on!

Here are some tips from my personal experience. I have been following these for quite a few years now, and they work every time!

  • For 1-2 days before Holi: A few days before Holi, the idea behind skin-care is to keep the skin hydrated and moisturised, so that when color is applied to the face, the damage is under control.
    • Cleanse the skin with a creamy cleanser or cleansing milk, and wash off.
    • Apply some facial massage cream or home-made malai to the face, and massage the face for 2-3 minutes.
    • Wipe the face with a piece of cotton wool dampened with rose water or cucumber water
    • If desired, apply a hydrating facial masque onto the skin. If you don’t want to prepare an elaborate masque, apply a spoonful of honey to the face, and leave for 10-15 minutes.
    • Drink lots of water, to keep the skin hydrated from within.
  • On Holi:
    • Before stepping out to play Holi, apply a liberal amount of oil (yes, oil) to your face. You can use almond oil or olive oil. The purpose is to create a barrier between the skin and colors. 
    • Even if the face feels slightly oily to begin with (it will, since you’re applying oil), don’t bother wiping off completely, because the colors of Holi can be VERY drying for the delicate facial skin, and the oil is a must!
    • As far as possible, use natural, eco-friendly colors. They are safer for the skin.
    • Whenever you get time, wash your face. Keep a pack of wet-wipes handy, and keep wiping the color off the face whenever possible.
    • Avoid using hot water on the skin. It dehydrates the skin further.
  • After Holi (after having played Holi): Again moisture, moisture and more moisture is the key here!
    • Use gentle cleanser for the skin, such as raw milk. Do not be tempted to use a harsh soap or an abrasive scrub to quickly get rid of the color. It will only harm your skin.
    • Make a paste of gram flour (1 tablespoon), raw milk and olive oil (adjust the amount depending on the type of consistency you’d want). Keep the paste a bit thick. Apply it to the face, and massage for 1-2 minutes. Then leave it for another 10 minutes. Wash off with plain water.
    • Apply moisturiser.
Please remember that if harsh colors have been used on the skin, it may take 1-2 days for the color to completely go away. You can minimise the damage done to the skin by keeping the skin hydrated and moisturised, and by using natural colors as far as possible. But remember to enjoy the festival to the fullest. Afterall, Holi comes just once in a year!

Wish you all a very Happy and safe Holi in advance! 🙂

Images courtesy: 123

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