The Role of Fashion in Our Life

The theme of fashion is very popular in our time, especially among young people. This is not surprising, since they always want to be in the highlight.

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10 Key Fashion Pieces that will Boost Your Confidence!

What we wear reflects our personality, mood, style, and sometimes, even our character and beliefs. Ensemble empowerment is all about feeling right and comfortable in every piece of clothing you put on. Let your clothes project a healthy self-image that is powerful, confident and creative. We intuitively pick out clothes from our wardrobes that are mood-boosters and personal favourites. They match our daily routines and feels – how we’re feeling on that day, where we’re going, what we’re doing, who we’re meeting.Our style changes as we change. Rummage through your wardrobe and figure out if your current style reflects in your clothes. Do they enhance your best features? Are they confidence-boosting or subdued by unease? What drives your selection? Is it social pressure, conformity, unrealistic trends, or a need to emulate others? Think about what you can express through your clothes – something that represents your true self – and do a little purging and shopping to make your clothes speak for you.

Here are 10 stylish pieces that are instant confidence-boosters to add to your ensemble!

10. Shirt Dresses

If you’re a fan of shirts and rolled up sleeves, you will love shirt dresses! They’re basically an extension of shirts, meant to be worn without pants. Their fit, unique look and comfortable style is certainly a mood-enhancer. You can dress them up with accessories like belts, bangles or scarves or pull off a casual look with a watch and sneakers.

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Gold jewelry for the working woman of today!

Gone are the days of women donning themselves with gold jewelry, except for special occasions like weddings. In that too, I feel the trend is more towards diamond or stone studded gold but not pure gold. I remember how gold jewelry used to be such a big deal long back, and after all these years, the gold jewelry trend seems to be coming back. If you are still skeptical about adding the shiny yellow metal to your wardrobe, we got you some inspiration below.

gold jewelry for office

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Skirt sightings!

Hey everyone!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane today! Skirts are every girl’s favourite, for obvious reason. You can pair your skirts with a lot of different blouses/ tops, and can dress them up or down, depending on how formal or casual an event is. Also, there’s a length to suit everyone’s body type and preference too- from micro minis to full length skirts with lots of volume, we get them all! Read on below to check out my top-5 recent skirt sightings for some fashion inspiration, and a bonus one at the end of the post!

sonam kapoor
Sonam Kapoor in a Manish Malhotra skirt
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#Trend: Why wedges are a hot favourite right now!

Hey girls!

As much as I love me some pointy heels, there’s no denying the fact that they are a pain to wear! And the higher the heel, the more the pain. Personally, I don’t like mid-length heels. I either wear flats, or go the stiletto way. Add to it my short height which makes it all the more necessary for me to wear the tallest of heels. A few of my friends are getting married next month, and since I’ll be attending wedding functions for almost 10 days in a row soon, I’m seriously thinking of investing in some wedges now to keep my feet from going insane.

wedge heels

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OOTD: Blue jumpsuit

Hey everyone!

I went to watch 2 States a few days back- actually, the Sunsilk team sent a few of us bloggers for the movie 🙂

Alia, or Ananya, in the movie, gets placed in Sunsilk through campus recruitment after completing her MBA. Interesting! And needless to say, Ananya’s hair in the movie looks really really nice! I have personally tried the Sunsilk Natural Recharge range too, and really like it. You may check out my haircare routine video for the same.

Here’s what I wore to the movie:

jumpsuit styling

For complete outfit details and movie review, head over to my other blog Heels & Coffee Beans 😉

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Style Watch: Filmfare awards 2014- Best dressed bollywood actresses

Hey everyone!

The Filmfare Awards for this year concluded a few days back. Actresses are known to reserve the best of their dresses for Filmfare Awards night, since Filmfare is considered the most coveted of awards in Bollywood (after the National Award, ofcourse). Here’s a list of my favorite ‘best dressed’ actresses and some details about their dresses!

Deepika Padukone at Filmfare Awards 2014
Deepika Padukone at Filmfare Awards 2014
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Pre-Diwali OOTD and FOTD

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to quickly share with you all what I’m wearing today for a small pre-Diwali family get-together today.


*Got ready in 10 minutes flat!

**DSLR be damned!

*** I s*ck at posing for full-selfies! And always forget I have a tripod!

Make-up wise, I kept it very simple. Also, time was a restricting factor 🙁

diwali ootd

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