Kerastase Elixir Ultime Beautifying Oil Masque- review

Hey everyone!

I shall be reviewing the Kerastase Elixir Ultime Beautifying Oil Masque today. I picked up this masque for my hair after the last one got long over. Read on to know more.

Price: This is the smaller pack/ tub- Rs. 1350 for 75mL. Available at leading salons.

kerastase elixir ultime beautifying oil masque review

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A blind test?

Hey everyone!

Now, I know all of you will answer in the affirmative if I asked you whether you desire long hair or not? I am no exception too. I have had very long hair for most part of my school life, and then college happened and I almost chopped them off to above my shoulders! Since the last few years again, I have been growing my hair to get them back to their former length, which, by the way, was till my lower back 😀 .

Being a Scorpion, I love suspense. And unveiling things gives me kicks! 😛  So when I recently got a chance to take a ‘blind test’ with this shampoo and conditioner which claims to give us long hair, I jumped onto the opportunity excitedly.

blind test

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Kerastase Elixir Ultime- Moringa Immortel: Review, swatch

Hey everyone!

Today I’m reviewing my current favorite hair serum, and which, I believe, has been a major contributor towards my hair looking better. I have been using the Kerastase Elixir Ultime- Moringa Immortel for more than 2 months now, and I truly believe it works miracles! You have already seen this product in my current hair-care regime post. Read on for the detailed review 🙂

kerastase elixir ultime moringa

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Kerastase Experience Day!

Hey everyone!

On 22nd August 2013, I attended a fun meet with a few fellow Blogger friends at the Toni & Guy salon in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi. It was a fun session over wine and food, where we also got a lot of inputs about Kerastase. We also got our hair and scalp analysed by the experts, followed by hair spa and pedicure! A day very well spent, and we got pampered really well!


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TRESemme Climate Control Conditioner: Review

hey everyone!
How are you all doing? 
Today I’m reviewing one of the conditioners that I’ve been using the past 2 months now, the TRESemme Climate Control conditioner. I have been using it with the shampoo from the same range, and the shampoo has already been reviewed by my friend Sakshi HERE. This post will just be related to the conditioner. Read on!
tresemme climate control conditioner review

About TRESemme Climate Control conditioner: This product helps prevent frizz all day long by creating a barrier between your hair and the weather. Smoothes the hair cuticles, leaving strands looking shinier and more vibrant, ready for styling.
Price: Rs. 64 for 100mL
Packaging: The conditioner comes in a white bottle, as opposed to the bottle of the shampoo. There’s some turquoise and silver here and there on the bottle, and it has a press-to-open top. Unlike other conditioner packaging in the market, this one isn’t an inverted bottle or tube 😛
tresemme climate control conditioner and shampoo
tresemme climate control conditioner reviews
tresemme climate control conditioner review india
tresemme climate control conditioner india
Ingredients: Refer to the image below.
tresemme climate control conditioner ingredients
My take on TRESemme Climate Control conditioner: The conditioner is a creamy product, white in color. It gets dispensed and spreads easily, and can be applied to wet hair with ease. It washes off with ease too, and leaves the hair feeling soft to touch. No slippery residue behind. In terms of ‘frizz control’, it works okayish, nothing too great. It does control frizz, but not completely. After 2 usages, I feel the need to use a hair mask/ deep conditioner, else my hair becomes really frizzy (they are in a beach-wavy state right now, so they tend to be frizzier than normal). The hair remains soft for about a day, but the next day my hair definitely feels dry. So, I don’t particularly love this product. Nor do I hate it!
tresemme climate control conditioner review
Pros of TRESemme Climate Control conditioner:
  • Smooth, creamy product
  • Easy to use
  • Marginally controls frizz
  • Softens the hair
  • Does not weigh down the hair, or make them oily
  • Totally affordable

Cons of TRESemme Climate Control conditioner:
  • Frizz-controlling property could have been better!

Verdict: If you have normal hair, give this one a try. Those with really dry hair, like me, may not find this to be the best! At it’s price, this is one of the best conditioners for normal hair.
Rating: 7/10 (works alright for a day, though I wish it worked better on frizz)
Have you tried this conditioner yet? Do share your feedback below!
Also check out the review on the TRESemme Climate Control shampoo HERE.
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Get 100% stronger hair with the New BC Bonacure Fibre Force Range

Hair replenishment for reborn hair quality
Mumbai, June 2013: Wouldn’t it be great to send damaged, lifeless hair off on a ten-week spa retreat to give it a second chance? With the new BC Bonacure Fibre Force range, Schwarzkopf Professional is introducing a fresh dimension in hair transition. The range comprises a shampoo, conditioner, treatment and an exclusive salon treatment which immediately replenishes deeply damaged hair with a high concentration of micro ionized hair-identical keratins.

The new hair care reconstructs even the most eroded hair, strengthens it and restores it to its optimal level of force and resilience after an application time between four and ten weeks. The formula has micro ionized hair-identical keratin components which penetrate deep into the hair architecture to re-cement the gaps in the Cell Membrane Complex. The result of this intensive care is: 100% more strength, up to 95% less hair breakage – and hair that feels like reborn! 

The range consists of:

BC FIBRE FORCE SHAMPOO  , Price Rs 800/- The BC Bonacure Fibre Force Shampoo cleanses the hair gently and conditions even fine hair deeply without weighing it down.
BC FIBRE FORCE CONDITIONER Price Rs 800/- The BC Bonacure Fibre Force Conditioner restores the hair architecture from the inside. It restores the moisture balance and seals the hair’s surface.
BC FIBRE FORCE FORTIFYING TREATMENT Price Rs 800/- The BC Bonacure Fibre Force Fortifying Treatment fills the hair from the inside and strengthens it. It penetrates deep into the architecture of the hair and regenerates the inner hair structure.
BC FIBRE FORCE MICRO INFUSION  Price Rs 800/- This salon-exclusive treatment reconstructs deeply damaged and eroded hair immediately by filling the gaps in the cell-membrane complex with highest concentration of keratin elixir. The hair becomes more elastic and feels healthy and bouncy.
About Schwarzkopf Professional: Schwarzkopf Professional is part of the business unit cosmetics/toiletries of the Henkel group, Düsseldorf, and is one of the leading suppliers in the hairdressing business worldwide. Based on a professional partnership with the hairdresser, the focus of Schwarzkopf Professional is to provide innovative concepts and services, which match the needs of international salon businesses. Schwarzkopf Professional is present in over 80 countries. Well known international brands include Igora Royal & Igora Vibrance (colour), BC Bonacure (care), Osis (styling) as well as Straightening brands Glatt and rebonding with Strait Therapy and Natural Styling (form).

*Press Release.
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L’Oreal Professional’s legendary haircare range Mythic Oil now presents Mythic Magic Rituals

~Unlock the secret of magical hair with Mythic oil rituals~
Mumbai, April 29th, 2013- Pamper your hair with made-to-measure beauty rituals with the new Mythic Oil range from L’Oreal Professionnel. These revolutionary in – salon services– Mythic Magic Rituals give your hair the ultimate beauty by unlocking the secret of precious oils. Now visit your nearest L’Oreal Professionnel salon and get rid of your hair care worries.

The Three Mythic Magic Rituals are Mythic Magic Shine for fine to normal hair, Mythic Repair Magic for dry damaged hair and Mythic Smooth magic for thick unruly hair. With unique combination of products from the Mythic Oil range, these rituals are certain to empower your tresses with the goodness of oils, giving them a great luscious look with shine to die for.

loreal professionals mythic oil range
L’Oreal Professionals Mythic Oil range
Mythic Shine Magic, especially crafted for fine to normal hair works to give your hair deep nutrition and enhance it with a superlative shine. It commences with the application of the Purifying Oil concentrate through a gentle massage followed by a sensorial hair wash with the Mythic Oil Nourishing shampoo and then masque. To top it off the Mythic Oil Rich Oil a fantastic blend of argan oil and rice bran oil is applied to your hair along with a gorgeous blow dry for that perfect luster!

Mythic Repair Magic is the best solution for dry and damaged hair which deeply nourishes and enriches your tresses. The ritual begins with a gentle massage with Rich Oil to nourish the dry scalp and hair and is followed by hair wash with Nourishing Shampoo, which is a unique fusion of argan oil and cotton seed oil. Complete the ritual with the application of Nourishing Masque and Rich Oil to the ends and then rinse thoroughly for gorgeous healthy hair. Blow dry and style it up for salon-like radiance.

Mythic Smooth magic is a boon for thick unruly hair and provides rebellious tresses with new vigor and legendary discipline. The ritual commences with the application of Purifying Oil concentrate followed by a rejuvenating hair wash with Nourishing Shampoo. Condition your hair with the application of Rich Oil and Masque. Apply Rich Oil and blow dry for soft silky locks and perfect finish like never before.

These Mythic Magic Rituals are in salon rituals that promise absolute hair care with the ultimate benefit of oriental Oil. Experience the difference in your hair which is visibly repaired nourished and beautiful. Unlock the power of essential oils at home with Mythic Oil Nourishing shampoo, Nourishing masque and Rich Oil.
So the next time you wish to pamper yourself with a multi-sensorial, pleasure-driven hair-care experience ask for Mythic Magic Rituals by L’Oreal Professionnel!

The Mythic Magic Rituals are available at all leading L’Oreal Professionnel salons
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The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil: Review, swatch

Hey everyone!
Today I’m reviewing one of my current-favorite hair care products, The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil. When this hair oil launched in the Indian markets some time back, it created much furore, mainly over the price tag. I was also initially not convinced at buying a coconut oil which costs Rs. 645 a bottle. I thought, “C’mon, coconut oil for 645? That’s insane!”. But I heard and read a ton of good reviews about this oil, and I knew I had to try it for myself. Still, to convince myself, I first picked up a few samples from the TBS store before actually buying it. And the way my hair felt after using this oil forced me to go back to the store and buy the full-sized bottle! Read on to know more!

the body shop rainforest coconut hair oil

the body shop rainforest coconut hair oil review
About The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil: This luxuriously silky oil melts effortlessly into your hair creating the perfect overnight, leave-in, pre-wash treatment or the optimal nourishing accompaniment to scalp massage.

·         Reveals hair that is strong, soft, shiny with a healthy scalp.

·         Light fragrance

·         Certified with Eco-Conscious Standards

·         Paraben Free, Silicone Free, Colourant Free

Price: Rs. 645 for 200mL

the body shop rainforest coconut hair oil price india

Packaging:  Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil comes in a tall transparent bottle with a translucent white flip-top (I forgot clicking pictures of the flip-top, though). The bottle is sturdy, travel friendly and the transparent body allows one to see the amount of product left inside.

Ingredients: Community Fair Trade Coconut Oil, Organic Amazonian Pracaxi Oil. For detailed list of ingredients, refer the image below.

the body shop rainforest coconut hair oil ingredients
Directions for usage:Flip open top cap and gently squeeze bottle to dispense oil into your palm. Massage the hair oil into your hair as per your usual hair oil routine. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Use thrice a week or as often as desired. DO NOT HEAT.

the body shop rainforest coconut hair oil review india

My take on The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil: The oil looks yellow in the bottle, but swatches transparent. It has a light, weightless consistency, and a strongly-sweet coconutty fragrance, which is quite over-whelming for a few minutes after application. It fades away, but not completely. On application, the oil does not weigh down the hair like the regular coconut oils. It does not stain the pillow at all! I am amazed at this property, since the only thing which keeps me from applying oil to the hair over-night is the fact that all other oils stain the pillow case and any top-sheets. This one does not! So I happily smear it onto my head at night and go to sleep without any worries. Also, the oil does not solidify like regular coconut oils (even in the harsh Delhi winters), so it is easy to use all round the year.

Since I have an oily scalp, I always have to wash my hair twice to fully remove the oil. Those with dry scalp may be able to remove it in one go, though I cannot really vouch for it.

This oil has made my hair a lot more manageable than before. I have thin, frizz-prone hair, and with this oil the hairs look much more tamed and less frizzy. They also feel very soft to touch after wash, and are not weighed down by the second day. But I have not noticed any major improvement in the ‘dandruff’ area.

I haven’t tried it as a leave-in conditioner post-wash, since I have oily scalp.

For all that it does to my hair, I do not mind paying this price.

the body shop rainforest coconut hair oil reviews india
Pros of The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil:
·         Easy to use product, does not require heating like regular coconut oils

·         Can be left over-night. Does not stain the pillow

·         Tames the hair considerably

·         Softens the hair

·         Easy to wash off

·         Easy to carry, functional packaging

·         The oil does not solidify, so can be used anytime- anywhere!

Cons of The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil:

·         The fragrance is a bit strong for me (medicinal coconut smell)

·         Didn’t work on the dandruff bit

Verdict: A must-have for everyone! Do pick it up! It is one of my favorite hair-care products!

Rating: 9/10

Have you tried The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil? How has your experience been? Please share in the comments below!

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