Best home remedies for forehead acne

Hii Lovelies,

If I ask you that what is the common spot of pimple or acne then 6-7 girls out of 10 will respond to forehead. Yes, I also remember I got my first painful pimple on my forehead only. And suddenly it multiplied from 1-4.  And then it became a regular affair.

home remedies for forehead acne

I didn’t know what to do then but today we are a lot more informed and thus I would like to share with you treatments and remedies for forehead acne –

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Ways to include cucumber in your skincare regime

Cucumber is one of those wonderful summer fruits which you cannot miss for your body and skin. Cucumber is known to be loaded with water and we all know water is very much required to keep your skin glowing and healthy. So, why not make the most out of it? But I am sure most of us use cucumber only as a dark circle remover. We all cut a slice of cucumber and place it on our eyes and rest for a while. But no, that’s not all about cucumber. You can use them in other ways too.

cucumber in skin care

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Monsoon Makeup- Best tips to avoid makeup meltdown

Monsoon Makeup- Best tips to avoid makeup meltdown

Monsoons have already knocked on our doors and before stepping out, you need some preparations to monsoon-proof your makeup to avoid makeup mishaps. Monsoon is normally accompanied by humidity and thus your makeup needs special attention.

So, let’s have a look at some tips and tricks given below for monsoon makeup!

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Best Hair Care Hacks From Your Kitchen

Hair care hacks from your kitchen!

Hii Beauties,

In the era of today’s pollution and dirt, hair care takes a toll on us. That is the reason most of the times you will see that our hair is tied in a bun. That long swept open hair is a dream. And that is the reason why expensive hair creams and hair care products are in demand in the market these days. But do you know that all of them are loaded with chemicals and preservatives???

hair care hacks

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Jouer Long Wear Lip Creme- Fraise Bonbon: Review, swatch

JOUER Cosmetics may not be new to you but I recently came across the brand when everyone was raving about their highlighters and lip crème. I decided to give it a try and picked these 2 items from CULT BEAUTY and really glad I took a plunge as am completely in love with both the products. I’m sharing their lip crème today which is from their permanent line and is easily available on their authorised retailers and their own website.

jouer long wear lip creme fraise bonbon review swatch

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Corioliss Hot Brush Review & demo video

Hey everyone!

Managing wavy or curly hair can be quite a task in summers when you don’t feel like using the blow dryer. But there are times when you really do need to style your hair without damaging it too.

I have recently found out a solution for my slightly wavy hair- the Corioliss Hot Brush.

Price: ~Rs. 5000. Buy here.

Check out my detailed review and demo of this product on my channel below:

I feel that this is an excellent product to have for those with wavy or curly hair. It is totally worth the investment.


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The Body Shop “Recipe of Nature” masks: Review video

Hey everyone!

If there’s one skincare step I enjoy the most, it has to be the weekly facial scrub and masque routine. Every weekend, I look forward to pampering my skin some more than usual, and I am a hoarder of all sorts of masques for the great deal of benefits they bring with them.

The Body Shop recently launched 5 vegan nature-inspired masques as part of the ‘Recipe of Nature’ range, and I picked up 3 of them for review. I ended up using one of these on my wedding day too, right before the bridal makeup, and totally loved the results. Take a look at my video below for the demo, my routine and my thoughts on the range.

tbs recipe of nature masks review

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All Good Scents ‘Jasmine’ EDP

All Good Scents ‘Jasmine’ EDP

All Good Scents recently launched a few new fragrances as part of the Eternal Garden collection and I have one of the women’s fragrances with me for review. Generally the one to stay away from ‘floral’ fragrances, I was taken by surprise by this one. Read on to know the deets!

all good scents jasmine edp review

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Oppo F3 Plus: Up your selfie game!

Oppo F3 Plus: Your new Selfie Expert

Keeping your selfie game strong is almost a necessity these days. Everywhere you go- events, parties, family gatherings and dates, a selfie has become mandatory. And taking group selfies is also big these days but the average phones kinda don’t help too much in the department. Well, Oppo has launched a new #SelfieExpert in the Indian market which has dual front lenses- one for selfie, one for group selfie. How cool is that! Read on for more deets!

oppo f3 plus review

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We turned 5!

And just like that, we turn 5 today!

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for being around for FIVE years, for helping the blog grow to what it is today, and for your unconditional love and support always.

Cheers to some amazing 5 years, and to many more to come!

PS: Giveaways coming soon!

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