New video: Splatter nail art/ manicure

Hey everyone!

So, I treated tested myself to a splatter nail art yesterday. Honestly, I have tried it before, but just couldn’t do it properly. So, yesterday, I was determined to do it, come what may! And I did!

Some things you should keep in mind if you do a splatter manicure:

  • Cut the straw to about 5 inches of length for best results… This I have concluded after a lot of trial and error 😛
  • Use full lung-force to blow into the straw. Trust me, it takes a lot of effort! 😛
  • Do spread a few tissue papers under your hands to avoid any mess.

That’s it, enjoy the video!

AND, I am planning to upload one video per week as of now. let’s see how well this plan goes! Editing videos is a tough job! 🙁 Still trying to figure out a million things here and there!

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Basicare 4-way Nail Buffer Block: Review

Hey everyone!

Here’s a quick review on one of the essential products for a good manicure/ pedicure. I have a habit of indulging in a DIY pedicure almost every weekend (check out my post on DIY Pedicure), and using a nail buffer is one important aspect of the whole activity! recently I bought this Basicare 4-way nail buffer block. Read on for the review!

basicare buffer

About Basicare 4-way nail buffer block: refer to the image below

about basicare buffer

Price: Rs. 140

Packaging: The product comes packed in a clear pouch, which can be cut from the top and re-used to keep the buffer block safe during travel.

basicare buffer1

basicare buffer 2

basicare buffer 2,3

basicare 1,4

My take on Basicare 4-way nail buffer block: The nail buffer is a cuboidal block, with multi-colored buffing surfaces or sides, which are numbered from 1-4 to guide usage. So, side-1 is roughest (of the four sides) and side-4 is the smoothest. And there’s no rocket science behind which side to use first and all!

Side-1: Is a gentle file, though it doesn’t file as well as a regular nail file, but does it’s job decently. I mostly use it on top of the nail surface too 😛

Side-2: Helps remove the top layer of the nail gently- a kind of dermabrasion for the nails, you can say.

Side-3: Smoothens and polishes the nail surface

Side-4: Makes the nail surface shiny and smooth!

The block is about 5 inches in length and around 1.5 inches in girth, and is comfortable to grip too. I’ve used slimmer, emery-like buffers too, and they’re sometimes not so comfortable to grip onto, especially during the last two stages of buffing. This one is perfect in that department. The core of the buffer is soft and cushiony, so there’s no risk of an accidental injury, just in case your hand slips during the whole activity! Each side of the buffer is coded with numbers, so you can’t go wrong with the sequence of steps. The product is almost weightless, so you can easily travel with it (although you’d want to carry a buffer only if you’re travelling for over a week, right?). Recommended for usage at a gap of about a week, since you’re polishing off the top layer of the nail.

Touching buffed nails is a joy you know only when you’re addicted to buffing (like I am). I’ve noticed that on smooth, buffed nails, the nail polish goes on smooth. No major change in the staying power of nail-paints though 😛

Pros of Basicare 4-way nail buffer block:

  • No rough/ harsh edges, the core is soft and cushiony too
  • Easy to grip and use
  • Feather-light in weight
  • Does it’s job well
  • Color and number-coded sides
  • Very affordable!
  • Easily available online

Cons of Basicare 4-way nail buffer block: None that I can think of!

Verdict: All in all, this is a very nice product to try. If you have not tried nail buffers yet, do try and get one. You’ll get addicted to it, I can guarantee that! This one from Basicare is a very good option to begin with. One nail buffer typically lasts you for about a year, maybe even more, if you use it carefully. If you love your nails, a buffer is a must-have!

Rating: 10/10

Do you use a nail buffer? Which one is your current-favorite? Do share in the comments below 🙂

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Lotus Herbals Color Dew nail enamels- Choco Fudge, Go Grapes and Lavender Love: NOTD’s, review

Hey everyone!
Here’s presenting to you all not one, not two but three shades from the Lotus Herbals ColorDew nail enamels range launched recently- Choco Fudge, Go Grapes and Lavender Love.
lotus herbals color dew nail enamels

Packed in tall, slim glass bottles, these come with a long-handled brush, which you may or may not like. I mean, it’s easy to grip, but since the handle is quite long, you may just need to be a little careful while applying the paint on your nails.
I have worn them all over the past weeks, and the shades wear well over a 4 day period. Around 4th-5th day, you can see slight fading from around nail margins, but that’s totally acceptable. 
The shades I have are 
  1. Choco Fudge: A very dark, chocolatey shade, you almost want to eat this up!
  2. Go Grapes: Minty green, a hot trend in nails this season, this one is my favorite from the three.
  3. Lavender Love: A cool, milky lavender shade.

lotus herbals color dew nail enamels review
lotus herbals color dew nail polishes

lotus herbals color dew nail enamel choco fudge

lotus herbals color dew nail enamels reviews
Applicator brush

lotus herbals color dew nail enamel choco fudge review
Choco Fudge

lotus herbals color dew nail enamel go grapes review
Go Grapes

lotus herbals color dew nail enamel lavender love
Lavender Love

At the price point of Rs. 110, these are totally affordable.

What’s more, these are easily available in a lot of stores and online. Plus, Lotus Herbals have an exclusive pop-up store at GIP mall, Noida

NOTD’s have been clicked at various times during work, travel, etc. and hence you may note different lighting conditions.

Which one did you like? Do share in the comments below 🙂

*Products sent by Brand for review. Honest views!

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Rimmel London 60 seconds nail color- Instyle Coral

Hey everyone!
I’m back from my small little vacation/ break. Will share some travel pics with you all soon. 
Today I’m reviewing a very fresh, summery nail color from Rimmel from the 60-seconds nail color range, Instyle Coral. Read on!

rimmel 60 seconds nail polish

About Rimmel 60-seconds nail color- Instyle Coral: Dries so fast, you can change your nail colour every day! XpressTM brush for 1 second application Dries in less than 60 seconds Picture perfect nail colour in a flash!
rimmel 60 seconds nail polish review
Price: Rs. 185
Availbility in India: Online; also at Parcos (DLF Mall, Saket). [NOT available at Parcos- Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj]

Packaging: The packaging is simple, like a regular nail paint– transparent glass jar, a black cap with a brush attached to it. The applicator is flat, and slightly rounded from top.

rimmel 60 seconds nail polish instyle coral
rimmel 60 seconds nail polish reviews
rimmel 60 seconds nail polish price

My take on Rimmel 60-seconds nail color- Instyle Coral: I was looking for a bright coral nail paint since a long time, since I’m not having much luck with coral lippies as of now. This shade totally fits my bill! It’s a warm yet bright, summery coral shade, no shimmers (that’s how I like it), yet has a glossy finish. The best part about this nail paint is the drying time, yes, it does dry up within 60 seconds after application, though not 100%. So you can do majority of your daily activities without stressing about the nail paint, if you do any rigorous activities, it is bound to streak up! The staying power is a good 4 days without chipping. By the 5th day, you can see some fading around nail edges, but I think that’s absolutely fine! 
I feel the shade Instyle Coral will complement a lot of skin tones, though those with deeper skin tones should exercise caution, since this shade can make their hands look darker.

rimmel 60 seconds nail polish instyle coral (1)
rimmel 60 seconds nail polish  instyle coral (2)
rimmel 60 seconds nail polish instyle coral (3)
Pros of Rimmel 60-seconds nail color- Instyle Coral:
  • Flat (no shimmers) yet glossy finish
  • Dries up quickly
  • Non-streaky applicator
  • The shade will suit a host of complexions
  • Decently priced

Cons of Rimmel 60-seconds nail color- Instyle Coral: None as such!

Verdict: If you are looking for a coral nail paint this summers, check out Instyle Coral. A warm yet bubbly shade of coral, and one which comes with good staying power, you cannot be asking for more!

Rating: 9.5/10 (-0.5 for limited availability off-counters)

Do you own a coral nail paint? Do share shade suggestions below!
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Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear nail color- Cherry Red: Review, NOTD

Hey everyone!
Is there anything quite like a pop of color on the lips or nails? Recently I went to Parcos in Delhi (check out my haul HERE) and bought myself this bright red nail paint from Sally Hansen- Cherry Red from the Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear nail color range. Read on, for a quick review!
sally hansen hard as nails extreme wear nail color

About Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail color- Cherry Red: Match your manicure to your mood! Fun, trendy shades — collect them all and change your nail polish as often as you like!

Price: Rs. 225 for 11.8mL
Packaging/ applicator: The bottle is a tall, transparent glass bottle, with a metallic silver cap. The brush/ applicator is flat, and slightly rounded at the tip. It allows for easy application, though personally, I prefer using the conventional round brushes.
PS: The neck of the bottle is curved, and interesting! 😛
sally hansen hard as nails extreme wear nail color cherry red
sally hansen hard as nails extreme wear nail color cherry red
sally hansen extreme wear nail color cherry red
Ingredients: Refer to the image below:
sally hansen hard as nails extreme wear nail color reviews
My take on Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail color- Cherry Red:
  • Flowy consistency, neither too thick, nor too thin
  • Non-streaky brush
  • Pigmentation is good. It gives good coverage in a single layer, and goes totally opaque in two caots.
  • Finish: Glossy, minus any shimmer/ glitter.
  • Dries quickly
  • Amazing staying power. I wore this shade for 6 days without a base/ top coat, but it didn;t budge. No chipping, no flaking. Around the 5th day, I noticed minimal fading at the edges of the nails. The nail color didn’t lose shine either.
  • Universally flattering red!
  • Easy to remove, though, like all red nail paints, it does stain the nails a but, even if you use the best of removers.
  • The quantity that is provided in a single pack is way too much! 😛 I doubt if I’ll ever finish this up!

PS: Photographs are not doing full justice to the shade!
sally hansen hard as nails extreme wear nail color cherry red review

sally hansen hard as nails extreme wear nail color cherry red reviews

sally hansen hard as nails extreme wear nail color cherry red swatch

sally hansen extreme wear nail color cherry red swatch

Verdict: Go, buy!

Rating: 10/10

What’s your favorite red nail color? Do share below!

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Basicare haul

Hey everyone!
So this haul happened totally randomly, out of the blue! 
Yesterday I was waiting to meet someone at a mall in Gurgaon, and that person was getting late, so I strolled about in the mall, and went into this pharmacy to get myself a hand sanitizer which I anyways had to buy.
now, this pharmacy had a separate section for beauty-accessories, mainly from Faces Canada and Basicare. So without any plans, I picked up these things from Basicare. I mean, I had been meaning to buy these things anyways since quite some time, but there was no urgency, and I’m saving up for something these days, so, now I kinda regret this impulse buy 🙁
basicare falsies, basicare 4 way buffer

These are 2 sets of falsies, one is a very natural looking one, and the other one is a dramatic set. These are for Rs. 200 each, and come with a tiny bottle of lash-glue
I also got a 4-way nail buffer block from Basicare for 140 bucks

basicare falsies
Basicare falsies

basicare 4 way buffer
Basicare 4-way nail buffer block
Overall, I’m pleased with my purchase, but I’m also feeling a little guilty this time.
How many times have you shopped just to kill time? Haha, I’m sure all of us have done this atleast once!
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Born Pretty Store 12 Color Caviar Beads: Review, NOTD

Hey everyone!
Remember the Born Pretty Store nail art products teaser post I shared with you all a few days back HERE? Today I’m reviewing one of the products from the two, the Caviar manicure beads.

born pretty store caviar manicure beads

About 12 Colors 3D Steel Ball Caviar Beads Manicure Glitter Nail Art Decoration:
High Quality!
12 colours.
Weight of Each jar: 8g
Diameter of the jar: 2.8cm
Height of each jar: 1.4cm
The nail art shape: Steel ball.
Colours and shapes may vary from photo
Suitable of professional use or home use! 

born pretty store caviar manicure beads review

born pretty store caviar manicure beads reviews

Price: $5.41 for a set of 12 colors

Packaging: The beads come packed in separate plastic cases with a lid. This makes sure the colors do not get mixed with each other. And makes the beads travel friendly too, in case you are travelling to attend some functions, and want different beads on different days.

My take on Born Pretty Store 12 Colors 3D Steel Ball Caviar Beads Manicure Glitter Nail Art Decoration:
The beads come in 12 different shades, and each of them is very wearable. None of the shades is tacky or too bright to wear (that’s how I like it). The beads are rounded, with no rough edges, and each of them measures 1-1.5mm in diameter. The beads have a metallic finish to them. The colors range from blues to pinks and purples and greens, with the basic shades- black, silver and golden. You are sure to find shades to your liking, and also you can share the shades with friends and family. 
Application is really easy. Just apply a base coat, or any nail paint on the nails, and while the coat is still wet, dip the nail into the jar, or drop the beads onto the nail (keeping a bowl underneath the nail). Fix with a top coat. I have noticed that applying 2 layers of clear top-coat works better than a single layer.
If you apply 2 layers of top coat, the beads would ideally stay for 2-3 days, if not, they would not stay for more than a day.
But I think, for the final finish that you get, it’s all worth it. Even for a day, these make the manicure look very pretty, and are a sure-shot attention-grabber wherever you go. 
For the price, ease of application, and the fact that you get so many shades (you can even mix 2 or more shades for a multi-color caviar manicure), I highly recommend these Caviar Beads from Born Pretty Store.

I have used blue Caviar beads here as an accent on the ring finger, contrasting with a pastel-green nail paint on the rest of the fingers. The nail paint used here is Maybelline Colorama- Absinto (review HERE)

born pretty store caviar manicure beads notd
born pretty store caviar manicure beads notd1

No cons as such, just that you need to seal the beads onto the nail with 2 coats of clear polish.

Verdict: Must-buy! For all the lazy girls out there (like me), this can be a very easy and a super-chic nail art option. It takes just a few seconds to jazz up your nails with this one, with practically no technical expertise required.

Rating: 9/10

Have you tried these Caviar Beads from Born Pretty Store? Do share in the comments below.

In case you wish to buy these, click HERE. You can use the discount code ‘KJ5X31’ at the time of check-out to avail 10% discount and free shipping.

born pretty store discount code

* Disclaimer: Affiliate link.
Product sent by Brand for consideration. The review is, however, honest.

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