Rene Furterer Naturia shampoo: Review

Hi everyone!

Today I am going to review my current favorite shampoo for you all. I was recently sent the Rene Furterer ‘Naturia’ shampoo for review by the brand, and while I had my reservations in the beginning ‘coz this range does not have a ‘conditioner’ per se, and the shampoo needs to be used alone, I still gave it a try (you can see I’ve already used up more than half the product, below) and here’s what I think about it.

Price: Rs. 1200 for 150mL. Availability: Online here

rene furterer naturia balancing shampoo review

About Rene Furterer Naturia shampoo: The best way to deal with excessive hair styling products is to use Naturia gentle, balancing daily use shampoo by Rene Furterer. It can be used as often as desired in order to restore soft, light-feeling hair while perfectly observing its natural balance.

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Love Long Hair blind test- first impression

Hey everyone!

If you have been following the blog, you must already been knowing that I’m undergoing a blind-test on my hair these days. If not, well, I just told you 😛 . Have been using this new shampoo and conditioner for the past few days, and even though I do not know the product name as yet, I’m loving how my hair feels these days, and am really excited to discover the brand and product names 😀

blind test

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A blind test?

Hey everyone!

Now, I know all of you will answer in the affirmative if I asked you whether you desire long hair or not? I am no exception too. I have had very long hair for most part of my school life, and then college happened and I almost chopped them off to above my shoulders! Since the last few years again, I have been growing my hair to get them back to their former length, which, by the way, was till my lower back 😀 .

Being a Scorpion, I love suspense. And unveiling things gives me kicks! 😛  So when I recently got a chance to take a ‘blind test’ with this shampoo and conditioner which claims to give us long hair, I jumped onto the opportunity excitedly.

blind test

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Pantene Daily Moisture Repair shampoo and conditioner: Review & Challenge

Hey everyone!

Since the last few days, I have been using the Pantene Daily Moisture Repair shampoo and conditioner for my hair. My past experiences with the Brand have been not-so-good, so when the Pantene team approached me to take up a 14-days’ challenge with the products, I was naturally quite skeptical. But finally, I thought, one last time! So I started using these some 3 weeks back, and even though the 2-weeks’ challenge could have ended then and there, I’m still using these, coz, surprisingly, these ARE working on my hair.

pantene daily moisture repair shampoo conditioner

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Kerastase Experience Day and a candid chat with the hair experts!

Hey everyone!

I attended a Kerastase Experience Day at Geetanjali Salon, Sainik Farms, Delhi a few days back. I love Kerastase as a brand, and Geetanjali Salons are quite famous here, so I didn’t want to miss out on the event. I have already attended one such event (written about it here). This time I was more interested in ‘learning’ stuff about my hair, and interestingly, the L’Oreal Paris/ Kerastase Technical Hair Advisors who were present at the store. I must say, it was a very informative session.

I had a small tete-a-tete with Ms. Ashima Verma- Technical Hair Advisor, L’Oreal Paris & Kerastase. Below is an excerpt of the same.

Me & Ms. Ashima Verma, Hair Expert, L’Oreal & Kerastase
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Sunsilk Radiant Shine shampoo and conditioner- Review

Heyy everyone!

Today I’m reviewing my current favorite shampoo and conditioner- the Sunsilk Radiant Shine range of products! When I started using these products, I had no idea they’d become such favorites of mine! I remember Bharti of Crazy Pop Lock blog telling me the last time we met that my hair looked very smooth, soft to touch and almost as if they had just been blow-dried, when in reality, I hadn’t blow-dried them at all! Read on for more!

sunsilk radiant shine

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‘Stay Rooted’ with L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair 3X

Hey everyone!
L’oreal Paris recently launched this ‘Go back in time and thank someone‘ video on YouTube (check it out HERE) as part of the ‘Stay Rooted‘ campaign to go with the Fall Repair 3X products.

stay rooted with loreal paris fall repair 3x, go back in time and thank someone

Here’s what they say:
Every shampoo today speaks about strong hair, but what really matters is the roots that make the hair strong. Only strong roots can give you strong and healthy hair. L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair 3X is one such shampoo that takes care of your roots. 

Fall Repair 3X is an Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo that delivers a triple anti-hair fall action. It nourishes the hair root, restructures hair fibre and helps the hair grow stronger from root to tip. Only Fall Repair 3X is enriched with Arginine Essence. Arginine is an essential amino acid that is vital for hair’s constitution. It is known for nourishing the scalp to improve micro-circulation.
Stronger the roots, lesser the hair fall.

stay rooted with loreal paris fall repair 3x

And we believe that real strength of people comes from their ‘roots’. Hence our campaign for the next month is called “Stay Rooted
‘Stay Rooted’ is all about remembering your roots and knowing that whatever you are today is because of your roots. It’s about taking time out to thank and appreciate people, things, places etc from your past that have made you “You“. Your roots are the main reason for your strength & L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair 3X  is giving you a chance to connect to your roots. “

stay rooted with loreal paris fall repair 3x (1)

The video is about ‘connecting with your roots’, symbolising the fact that those who are connected to their roots, stay strong and grounded in their life. The same applies to our hair. If the roots are strong, the hair on the outside will be strong too.

So check out the video HERE. Who would you like to thank in life? And why? Do share below!

*Press info.
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Sunsilk Radiant Shine range

Let your hair sparkle every day with the new

Sunsilk Radiant Shine!!!

~ A new hair care range that gives your hair a healthy shine~

sunsilk radiant shine shampoo and conditioner

Mumbai: As per research conducted by an independent research agency, 96% girls desire shiny hair. But their common complaint is that their hair often turns dull with time. Sunsilk realizes that a young Indian girl’s hair needs to keep pace with her exciting and demanding life to enhance her naturally vibrant and attractive persona. It strongly, believes that every girl deserves to have healthy, shiny hair that allows her to go through an eventful, long and demanding day, looking her best. But daily stresses like harsh sunlight and excessive pollution may rob the hair of essential shine and moisture, and leave it dull and limp.  Comprehending this situation, Sunsilk put its expert team on the job and designed a perfect solution in the form of ‘Sunsilk Radiant Shine’, an innovative product, which gives long lasting hair shine.   So get ready to flaunt your shiny tresses and stand out with confidence as the new Sunsilk Radiant Shine adds a radiant shimmer to your hair.

How does it work?

Sunsilk Radiant Shine has ultra light fusion of oils from ingredients famed for their beneficial effects on hair – Argon, Jojoba, Camellia, Almond and Olive. The dual effects of oiling and washing to a large degree soften the hair texture not just from the outside, but actually aim to ensure that the hair receives its share of nourishment at periodic intervals. The light oils permeate upto three layers deep and give hair a natural sheen that stays as the day progresses. Sunsilk Radiant Shine shampoo and conditioner work in combination to produce an enduring visibly glossy look that stays on and on!

Sunsilk Radiant Shine has been created by the in-house expert team in association with the internationally renowned shine expert for hair, Jamal Hammadi; who is also known for his natural approach towards achieving healthy and long lasting shiny hair. Jamal emphasizes on the common complaint by girls, where shiny hair often turns dull within time.

Jamal saysThis happens because the nourishment just stays on the surface and evaporates very easily due to harsh sunlight and excessive pollution; stripping the hair of its radiant glow. When it comes to long lasting shine, I strongly recommend the use of ‘Sunsilk Radiant Shine’ shampoo and conditioner.  It is enriched with ultra light fusion of 5 natural oils. It provides nourishment to the hair and radiant shine. Use the shampoo along with the conditioner to get long lasting visibly glossy hair that stays on and on!

On this highly innovative creation, Jamal continues It is a feeling of pride and honor to be a part of the Sunsilk family, as one of Co-Creators. Sunsilk Radiant Shineis definitely the new best friend that every young girl must have and get ready to flaunt that beautiful shiny mane all day long

So girls, shine your way with self-confidence and assurance of Sunsilk Radiant Shine!

sunsilk radiant shine shampoo and conditioner price
*Press Release

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Nothing to Hide Lots to Show with New Clear: Press Release

Lights, Camera, Action!
There’s Nothing to Hide but Lots to Show with flake free* flocks by CLEAR

Mumbai, June 2013: Have you been succumbing to the ties of hair bands and  ponytails, especially when you want to let your hair down and enjoy? Is dandruff the main bane of your life? Banish your hair woes with the new CLEAR anti-dandruff shampoo with unique Nutrium Oil complex. New Clear with Nutrium Oil complex has a ground breaking dual gender scalp nourishment formula for Dandruff free*, healthy hair.
Bringing in a new epoch in hair care, CLEAR is reinventing itself with its new campaign, “Nothing to Hide, Lots to show” which is about having complete confidence in you.

Fortifying CLEAR’s new attitude is none other than award winning actor Ileana Dcruz. Ileana’s ever so confident aura and natural charisma are testament to the Nothing to Hide attitude.
Announcing this development, Mr. Srinandan Sundaram, General Manager, Haircare, Hindustan Unilever Limited says, “At CLEAR, we understand today’s consumers are very discerning of the brands they use for their scalp and dandruff related issues. New CLEAR with its Nutrium Oil complex content helps contribute to improve the scalp health, boosting your self confidence.”
Talking about the association, Ileana D’cruz said, “CLEAR, HUL’s leading anti-dandruff shampoo has come up with a great campaign ‘Nothing to Hide, Lots to show’. As actors, most of what people see of us is in high definition; leaving very little scope for an insecure moment. Since I have started using CLEAR, I have had no reason to have a camera-shy moment. I love the camera even more now that I have ‘Nothing to Hide’.”

New CLEAR with Nutrium oil complex, a ground breaking dual gender scalp nourishment formula gives you the chance to have Dandruff free* hair that feels well nourished and helps to keep your head held high. With the combined benefits of pro-vitamin, minerals and sunflower oil; Clear with Nutrium oil complex fight dandruff at the root and nourishes the scalp** to help eliminate flakes, soothen dryness and repair the scalp** barrier by strengthening its natural resistance.

CLEAR helps you to maintain a well-nourished scalp for beautiful strong hair.

Developed by the experts at the CLEAR Paris Institute, this unique technology has been endorsed and recognized by International Academy of Dermatology (IACD).
Say Good Bye to dandruff ridden, unhappy hair…

With CLEAR, you have Nothing To Hide but Lots To Show…
90ml Rs. 62/-, 200ml Rs. 135/- and 400ml Rs. 245/-
*MRP (inclusive of all taxes)

About Clear:
Clear is Unilever’s leading anti dandruff shampoo brand. Since it’s first launch in 1972, in Asia the Clear formulation has continuously evolved with intensive research and clinical trials conducted by scientists. With a constant focus on leading edge technology, Clear is pegged as one of the leading scalp care shampoo.
About Hindustan Unilever:
Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) is India’s largest Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company touching the lives of two out of three Indians. HUL works to create a better future every day.

We help people feel good, look good and get more out of life with brands and services that are good for them and good for others.

*No visible flakes with regular use| **At the epidermal layerCLEAR Anti Dandruff Shampoo
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