New video: Elegant Makeup and hair for weddings

Hey everyone!

Here’s presenting the latest video- shot this despite the eye still recovering, and only after uploading did an error show up. It was all fine till I uploaded it on YouTube, and now even the original files seem corrupt, for reasons unknown. So there are 2 small parts in the video where everything is blank :\

Anyways, I aimed at doing a simple makeup and hair look to go with a saree. You can re-create this look in about 5 minutes, when you have to rush to wedding parties after work, maybe. A lot of us have to do it during the wedding season. So have a look at the video ūüôā

Products used:

  1. Lakme Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse- Honey Beige
  2. Lakme Eyeconic kajal
  3. Lakme 9-5 eyeshadow quad- Desert Rose
  4. Lakme 9-5 lipstick- Scarlet Drill

Couldn’t have done any more eye makeup, the eye doesn’t allow me these days ūüôĀ Some more time ūüôā

I hope you liked the video, though, even with the glitches ūüėČ See, atleast I’m getting better with the sound recording ūüėõ

Do share your thoughts below ūüôā

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Video tutorial: Red lips and glowing skin

Hey everyone!

I’m back with another video. I actually shot this one almost two weeks back, but then I fell ill with the eye problem, and the editing took a huge lot of time. Will be some time before I can shoot another video again, but for now, I hope you enjoy this one.

Keeping in mind the holiday season ahead, I’ve done a simple look with clean skin and bold red lips. Please do have a look at the video. Do like it on YouTube, subscribe to the channel and please try and leave a comment ūüôā

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New video: Staircase nail art tutorial

Hey everyone!

The holiday season is here, with Christmas and New Year’s eve just around the corner. In my latest video, I’ve done a quick nail art tutorial for you all! You don’t need a very precise application for this design, minimum products and no special nail-art tools. Cool, right?

Check out the tutorial below ūüôā

I’ve done the nail-art with a n*de nail color as a base and black nail color for creating the steps. You can use any two contrasting shades, matching your outfit or theme (say green and red for Christmas).

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Festive Eye Make-up tutorial: Video

Hey everyone!

Diwali is just a few days away- I did a new eye make-up look, on video this time!

Mahn, making a video is a difficult thing. I film something, and later I realize that in a part of the video, I was out of the frame. The lighting changes every few changes, so that needs to be fixed too. Audio? What audio?

Still trying to learn ‘how to shoot a video’ and I am still determined to share whatever not-so-good ones I film. Part of the learning process. I ain’t perfect, afterall!

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Random eyemakeup and FOTD

Hey everyone!
Just a quick random eye makeup tutorial and FOTD from a few days back. I have used golden-green and plum-brown on the eyes, paired with a light plum on the lips. A n*de blush went well with the look, IMO!

Let’s begin…
For the eyes:
1. Conceal under eye dark circles. For a detailed tutorial, check out THIS post.
2. Apply a coppery base/ primer to the upper lids. Blend with finger tips. You can use any eyeshadow primer here.

3. Next, apply a golden highlighter shade to the inner corner of the eyes, around the tear-duct, using a pencil brush/ q-tip.

4. Apply a golden-green eyeshadow to the entire eyelid, and a dark plummy brown to the outer corner. At this stage, you can just pack eyeshadows on the lid using a flat brush.

5. Blend the two colors, using a fluffy blending brush. Extend the plummy-brown to the crease area. If you have small eyes, do not go all the way inwards.

6. On the lower lash line, apply the plummy-brown to the outer 1/3rd, the green to the middle part (golden eyeshadow has already been applied to the inner corner) using a pencil brush/ q-tip. Blend.

7. Apply black eyeliner to the upper lash line, and kohl to the lower lash line.

8. Curl lashes and apply mascara. I used the regular compact under the brow bone, to give a neat effect.

The eyes are done. Proceed with the make-up of the rest of the face. Apply primer, foundation, blush. Contour if needed.
Line and fill the lips with a lip liner, apply a light plummy-pink lipstick, and a little bit of gloss to the lips to give a polished look.

Products used:
  • Color corrector: Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Creme D30- orange color corrector to neutralise dark circles (review¬†HERE)
  • Concealer: MAC Pro Longwear concealer (review¬†HERE)
  • Base/ Primer: Maybelline Color Tattoo- Bronze (not in pic)
  • Eyeshadows:
  1. Inglot eyeshadow refill- AMC Shine 08 (review HERE)
  2. Inglot eyeshadow refill- AMC Shine 44 (review HERE)
  3. Sleek Oh-So-Special eyeshadow palette- shade Celebrate (review HERE)
  • Eyeliner: MAC Fluidline Blacktrack (review¬†HERE)
  • Kohl: Lakme Absolute kohl (review¬†HERE)
  • Mascara: L’oreal Paris Volum’ Million lashes mascara (review¬†HERE)
  • Brow setting wax: NYX Eyebrow Shaper EBS01 (review¬†HERE)
    • Moisturiser: MAC Oil control lotion (review¬†HERE)
    • Primer: MAC Prep+ Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer- Recharge (review¬†HERE)
    • Foundation: Revlon Photoready compact (review¬†HERE)
    • Concealer: MAC Prolongwear (as in the last pic)
    • Setting Powder: MAC Select Sheer Loose Powder (review¬†HERE)
    • Contouring and highlighting done using the Sleek Contour Kit (Medium), review¬†HERE.
    • Blush: Lakme Pure Rouge Blusher- Honey Bunch (review¬†HERE)

    • Lip liner and filler (to neutralise pigmentation): MAC lip pencil- Plum (review¬†HERE)
    • Lipstick: Maybelline 14 hour lipstick- Endless Raisin (review¬†HERE)
    • Gloss: L’oreal Paris Color Riche le Gloss- Really Rose (review¬†HERE)
    Some important tutorials you may like:
    • Face contouring and blush application: check¬†THIS¬†post
    • Concealing under eye dark circles: check out¬†THIS¬†post
    I hope you liked the look above. 
    Please do share you comments/ feedback below ūüôā
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    How to conceal dark circles: Pictorial

    Hey dearies!
    Here’s a much requested post on how to conceal under-eye dark circles effectively, and completely.
    All of us (almost) have some amount of darkness under the eyes. While we should religiously follow a good regime at prevention/ cure of the dark circles, make-up can come to your rescue anytime! Read on further!
    how to conceal dark circles

    Things you need:
    how to conceal dark circles at home
    1. Orange color corrector: I am using the Kryolan Derma Color Camouflage Creme- D30 (reviewed HERE). It works fantastically for under eye dark circles, and for other dark areas on the face (pigmentation), and does not crease on my oily skin. Stays for a long time! The color orange is used to neutralise/ cut-down darkness under the eyes.
    2. A concealer matching your skin tone. I’m using the MAC Pro Longwear concealer in the shade NC45 (reviewed HERE). It is a liquid concealer, and very long-staying!
    3. Loose Powder: This is to set the products on the skin, and to keep the layers of products in place for long. I’m using the MAC Select Sheer Loose Powder NC45 (reviewed¬†HERE). Works fab!¬†
    • You can even use a compact powder.
  • A fluffy powder brush or a kabuki (to apply powder) in case you are using a loose powder. In the picture is Sigma F-30 Large Powder Brush (reviewed¬†HERE)
  • Steps: It is a fairly simple procedure.
    1. Prepare the under-eye area. Apply an under-eye gel around the eyes if you have oily skin, since a gel would not disturb the make-up. Apply a primer if need be, though I skipped it here.
    conceal dark circles
    2. Color correct: Identify the exact areas of darkness under the eyes, and apply an orange color corrector on the dark areas. I apply it with the ring finger, and blend gently to cover all darkness under the eyes. Now, let the color corrector work for 2-3 minutes.
    Note: Apply color corrector only to the dark areas, or else the orange tinge will show up from under the make-up later.
    tips to conceal dark circles
    3. Conceal: Take your concealer, and dot it under the eyes.
    concealing dark circles
    4. Blend the concealer with your ring finger (it applies the least pressure on the skin).
    best way to conceal dark circles
    5. Set with powder: Once you are satisfied with the blending, set the concealer with a dusting of powder on top. Do not rub the skin with a sponge, use a brush, or patting motions if you are using a puff (ones which come with compacts).
    This step will ensure your make-up stays in place for long!
    dark circle concealing
    You can see the final result below!
    how to conceal dark circles (1)
    I hope the post was helpful. Please do leave your comments/ questions/ feedback below!
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    Pictorial: Chitrangada Singh’s LFW SS’13 inspired make-up

    Hey everyone!
    So I was completely smitten by the look Chitrangada Singh sported at the recently concluded Lakme Fashion Week SS’13 in Mumbai.
    chitrangada lakme fashion week inspired make up tutorial
    Her make-up: From what I could decipher after seeing a lot of pictures and videos of Chitrangada, she wore the following kinda make-up:

    • Clean, glowing skin. A lot of subtle highlighting was done to the nose and the high points of the cheeks
    • Copper-bronze-brown eye shadows, with a very thin line of black eyeliner and kohl, and mascara.
    • A screaming orange-red pout
    • An earthy-reddish blush on the cheeks
    I tried replicating the look. Here’s what I did:

    1. First off, I sprayed MAC Fix+ (review HERE) onto the face. For my oily skin, I use it before my 
    2. make-up to keep the skin supple and hydrated.
    3. I then started by applying a brightening primer. I used the MAC Prep+ Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer- Recharge (review HERE) as the primer. It has an orange tinge to it, so it neutralises any dullness in the skin, and makes the skin a little glowy! 
    4. Next, I applied an orange color corrector under the eyes (dark circles) and around the chin, to color-correct skin darkness. I used Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Cream D-30 (review HERE).
    5. After 5 minutes, I applied the MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation (review HERE) with a flat-top buffer brush (Sigma F80, reviewed HERE), moistened with Fix+ (review HERE)
    6. My skin is behaving well these days, so I don’t need much concealer as of now. You can apply concealer if need be. (After seeing the pics on the laptop, I realized I should have used some concealer on the cheeks)
    7. Next, I dusted some loose powder onto the skin to fix the layers of products underneath. I used MAC Select Sheer Loose Powder (yet to be reviewed).
    8. Eyes: 
      1. I applied Maybelline Eye Tattoo- Bad To The Bronze as the base color to the entire lid.
      2. Inner corner highlight: Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow Refill: AMC Shine 08 (review HERE)
      3. Crease and outer corner: The shade ‘Boxed’ from Sleek Oh So Special palette (review HERE), applied lightly, just to add some more definition to the eye lids
      4. Brow-bone highlight: Inglot Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow Refill: AMC Shine 08 (review HERE)
      5. Eyeliner: MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil- Engraved (review HERE), applied as a very thin line
      6. Kohl: MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil- Engraved (review HERE)
      7. Mascara: L’Oreal Paris Volum’ Million Lashes Mascara (reviewed¬†HERE)
    9. Face contouring: I contoured the cheeks and the nose here, using the Sleek Contour Kit- Medium (reviewed HERE). To know how to contour the cheeks, check THIS tutorial.
    10. A highlighter on the high points of the cheeks is a MUST for this look. I used the highlighter shade from the Sleek Face Contour Kit.
    11. Blush- MAC Powder Blush- Ambering Rose (review HERE)
    12. Lips: I custom-made this lipcolor, by mixing two reds- an orangish red (Kryolan Professional Lipstick L416, reviewed HERE) and Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick- Summer Sunset (review HERE) ( a tomato-red). The shade came out exactly as the one Chitrangada seems to be wearing.
    I want to say ‘That’s it’ here, but now I realize those were a lot of products.¬†

    The look is wearable for evenings, and for day-time events too, say, if you’re planning to go on a lunch-date or something. Clicked a few pictures without flash, and the make-up looks wearable to me.

    Let me know what you think about the look. Please let me know all your suggestions for improvement.
    Also, if you want me to imitate any other celebrity looks, send me a picture on mail ( and/ or a link to the picture. 

    Do let me know your thoughts, especially on the customized lipcolor! I’m all ears!
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    How to apply blush/ contour cheeks: Pictorial

    Phew, I’m finally doing this much-awaited¬†and much-requested tutorial on blush application and cheek contouring.
    This tutorial could be re-named to ‘Where to apply blush’. In my opinion, applying blush is not as much about the procedure (how) as it is about the placement (where) of the blush. Apply it to the right spots, blend well, and you’re done! ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†
                      cheek contouring and blush application
    I am demonstrating cheek contouring here, which includes blush application and sculpting with make-up. If you just want to use a blush, go ahead, and skip the contour and highlighting shades.                                 

    cheek contouring and blush application (2)

    You have to work with 3 products for contouring–¬†
    • a dark contouring shade
    • a blush in the color of your choice
    • a highlighting shade
    You will need the following brushes:
    • a round blush brush or an angled blush brush- for the blush
    • an angled brush- for the contour shade
    • a fan brush- for the highlighting shade
    1. Understand the natural contour of your face. Each one of us has a different face cut, and hence the old-fashioned rule of placing the blush onto the apples of the cheeks (which makes everyone look like a clown!) does not suit everyone!
    2. The most important step is to determine the lines and area of placement of products onto the skin:
    Use the first two fingers of your hand as a guide- place the base of the first finger (marked A) around the corner of the lips. Next, place the tip of the index finger (marked B) near the outer corner of the eye, and the tip of the middle finger (marked C) along the middle of the ear. This forms a V-shape on the face. The blush goes into the V, the contour below it and the highlight above it. Simple!

    cheek contouring and blush application (3)
    Still confused? Pick up any pencil and place it along the same lines. You will get to know the approximate areas of application for the products, one at a time. Look into the mirror carefully to know the approximate lines.

    cheek contouring and blush application (4)

      3. Once you roughly know where to place what product as per the above steps, you need to start applying. Now, the area of application is different for each product. Imagine a line running down from the outer part of the eyebrow till the jaw.
      a. The blush is to be applied on both sides of the line.
      b. The contouring shade is to be applied from the ear upto the line
      c. The highlighting shade is to be applied starting from the line, upto an inch of the area. (roughly, just below the eye)
      The below picture will make it clear.

      cheek contouring and blush application (5)

      To apply products, just pick up some product onto the right brush, sweep it onto the area of application, and blend it well using the brushes. 
      The end result:

      I hope I was able to explain things to you properly here, and you were able to make some sense out of the lines and circles in the pictures.
      PS: The pictures here demonstrate blush application/ contouring for every-day makeup, and not necessarily party make-up. You can apply more product, blended well, of course, for events.
      PPS: Pictures have been edited, since this post is not about a specific product and it’s review.

      Do let me know how you found the post. I am very curious for your feedback on this post. Please leave a comment below.
      Thanks ūüôā

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