Victoria’s Secret ‘Love is Heavenly’ and ‘Bombshell’ EDPs: Review

Hello ladies!

Today I’ve got for you my current go-to perfumes, and the last fragrance review for 2016! Cannot believe the year is ending in under a week, but I’m glad it was a good year! Anyhow, let’s get back on to the Victoria’s Secret EDPs. The brand is renowned for lingerie mainly, but they definitely have some great beauty products up their alley. Read on for these perfumes!

victorias secret love is heavenly

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Top 10 Classic Perfumes


“Perfume is the most intense form of memory”

A good perfume can say a lot about a woman. Every woman has different preferences – from fresh, crispy fragrance to floral or fruity ones or warm vanilla, musk and amber ones, there is a perfume for every occasion, be it for office or business, or for an evening party or playing an outdoor sports or just a casual date with your loved one. Here I am listing down top 10 classic perfumes of all time. Read on to know which can be your favorite.


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Victoria’s Secret lip balm and scrub: Review

Uhh, lips! My lips have been feeling so dry and dehydrated at the moment (Delhi is too hot right now) that I just keep drinking bottles after bottles of water. No lip balm was helping me, well unless these Victoria’s Secret lip balms were gifted to me by my bestie. After the initial love-hate hiccup, I finally have a verdict on these. Read on for the deets!

victoria's secret lip balm and scrub review

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